HUG Values


Welcome to a unique housing environment!

At HUG Housing we're a value based rental community focused on healthy lifestyle behaviors. Here, renters live in an environment where they can be their happiest and healthiest selves!

Three of HUGs core values are Health, Nutrition, and Moderation. To foster these values, renters are encouraged to keep a clean environment and a clean lifestyle. This means that the HUG properties are strictly free from:

           ○ Cigarettes                          ○ Loud Nighttime Noise

           ○ Pot                                      ○ Rudeness

           ○ Excessive Drinking

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HUG also values Support, Friendship, and Joy which is why we try to build a close knit community where renters can feel safe and supported.
HUG Housing isn't just a great place to live with your friends, it is also somewhere you create new, lasting friendships.